100 Point Challenge!

Complete our 100 point challenge, unlock a new achievement and be one of three lucky tipsters to win membership to Goal Profits, the #1 rated Betfair football trading community where you will learn to trade football like a Pro!

Goal Profits has a wealth of resources to improve your understanding of football trading, and numerous proven betting systems to help you make a very impressive return. We’ve tried it for ourselves and boy do we like it!

Each license is for three months, and would normally cost £99. That's almost £300 worth of prizes to be given away. And best of all, you can enter our 100 Point Christmas Challenge and compete for your Goal Profits license totally free of charge!

So how does it work?

On Betminds, each tipster gets 25 points a day to tip with. You can bet up to 5 points on any one single outcome, and we record your tip using the best available price from our Live bookmaker odds. When the games finish, we automatically settle your tips and calculate your profit and loss.

Your starting profit and loss balance is 0 points, and the challenge is use your free points to generate a a profit. If you manage to get your profit up to 100 points, you will have completed the challenge and are in with a shout at winning the Goal Profits license. However, if your profit/loss drops to -50, you’re bust and out of the competition.

Sounds good, what do I win?

Every tipster who completes the challenge will be awarded the coveted bragging rights achievement!

Furthermote, all tipsters that complete the challenge by 7pm on December 26th will be entered into our Christmas Prize Draw where three lucky winners will win a free 3 months license to Goal Profits

How do I enter?

If you're already a Betminds member, there is no need to do anything other than get tipping! The competition is open to all, so just make your first tip for a game taking place in the qualifying period and you're in.

Not a BetMinds member yet? Then time to sign up for free and show us what your tipping skills are made of!

When does it start?

All tips for games that start after 11:00am GMT on 2nd December will count towards this competition.

I’ve bust out of the comp, now what happens?

Still interested in learning how to trade football? Then sign up to Goal Profits via the exclusive link below to get £10 off your first month and gain instant access to all the statistics, strategy, and support you need to start trading successfully.

The Terms

Here comes the terms and stuff

All tips for games that start after 11:00am GMT on 2nd December will count towards this competition

Point balance updates in order that games are scheduled to start. If your point balance drops below 50 points at any time then you are out of the competition. Similarly if your balance reaches 100 points on any given day you have completed the challenge.

All tipsters that complete the challenge by December 26th 10pm will be entered into the prize draw. Three entrants will be randomly selected to win a 3 month GoalProfits license.

You must be over 18 to claim.

Tipping that is not deemed in the spirit of the competition, such as consistent strike manipulation, could lead to tipsters being removed from the competition and winnings being indefinitely suspended. If such action is deemed to have taken place by the player we reserve the right to void their individual bets and/or close their account.

Occasionally a bookmaker will misprice an event outcome, we reserve the right to void tips where a misprice has occurred.

Only one account is allowed per household. Multiple accounts will be closed and will be ineligible for prize money.